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2021 Travel: 8u Tryout

Travel 8U Tryouts

This year’s 8-year-old travel tryouts will be held on Saturday, May 15th from 9:00 – 10:30 AM at Fern Park. Please wear your spring jerseys to this tryout.

Miscellaneous/Common Questions

Family Summer Plans – Unless you will be gone for a significant part of the summer, you should consider trying out. Vacation plans will be factored into the selection process and some teams will play a more demanding schedule than others.

Teams are not “Set in Stone” from the Prior Year – Players from last years’ teams are not guaranteed spots. All interested players should try out. A lot of development and maturation occurs year to year. Positional play and individual skills are very important. The Travel Selection Committee will take these into account when picking the teams.

Selection Committee – There is a Selection Committee for this tryout that will select teams. Committee members will utilize the tryout, previous performance, and spring coach input to make final selections.

Announcement of Teams – Teams will be announced via email within 48 hours after the tryout.

Season Schedule – 8U will play or practice 3 days per week from mid-June through the end of July. Tournaments may include Ripken States and the Friendship Tournament in various CT towns.

Cost – The 8U team fee will be approximately $250. The fee covers jerseys, hats, tournament registration fees, umpires, baseballs, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Scholarships – We understand that the cost of travel baseball can impose a hardship on some families. We do not want anyone not to try out or play due to financial issues. Please contact Travel Vice President Kyle Jeter if you need financial assistance.

Please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.

8U District

Jon Siriano – Jonathan.Siriano@ynhh.org

Travel Vice President

Kyle Jeter – kyle@jeter.com – 860-692-8404

Opened: 04/10/2021
Closes: 05/15/2021

Open to: Previously registered