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The 2022 Spring baseball season will run from April to mid-June.  Player assessment for the 2022 Spring Season will be scheduled in March 2022 (Minors and Majors only).

Q:  What division should I sign my child up for?

All of WHYBL’s Divisions are based on the player’s age as of 4/30/2023 for ages 4 – 12 (must turn 5 by 12/31/2023).  Normally, 5 and 6 year olds play in the Training League, 7 and 8 year olds play in the Instructional League, 9 and 10 year olds play in the Minor League and 11 and 12 year olds play in the Major League.  However, some 8 and 10 year old players may be selected to play in a higher division based on their skill level (see “Playing Up” below”).  Other factors may apply so please contact a League Vice President listed below with any specific questions.


Q: Can my child play with friends?

Teams in the Training and Instructional leagues are organized exclusively by elementary school and friend requests.  Friend requests can be noted on the registration form.  Teams in the Minor League are organized predominantly by elementary school but also consider playing ability to best balance teams.  School and friend requests are not used for the Major League level.  Major League teams are selected using a draft process.


Q: Will my child have to try out?

WHYBL does not conduct “try outs”.  All children who register by the registration deadline will be placed on a team.  All 9 – 12 year olds will be asked to attend an “assessment” in the spring.  The purpose of the assessment is to assess the skills of all players to place them in the league where they can best develop and have fun over the coming season.  The assessment is also used to balance teams as best as possible.  


Q: What is “playing up” and who is eligible?

“Playing up” means a child plays a higher age level than most his/her age.  Specifically, 8 year olds may request to play in the Minor League and 10 year olds may request to play in the Major League.  An 8 or 10 year old child requesting to “play up” must attend the assessment and the Minor League or Major League Vice President will determine the best division suitable to the child’s skill level.  Typically, WHYBL allows one 8 year old per Minor League team and one or two 10 year olds per Major League team depending on a variety of factors.


Q: Who plays in the Major League?

The Major League is played on a larger 50/70 diamond and follows real MLB rules (allows leading off bases, pick-off throws, etc.).  While most 11 and 12 year olds tend to play in the Major League, advanced skills are needed and it may be determined that some children would be more comfortable playing at the Minor League level. 


Q: What are “Legacies”?

A “legacy” is a player that is assigned to a Major League team because of a returning older sibling or a parent manager of a Major League team.


Q: What if I have further questions?


Contact the appropriate League Vice President for all baseball related questions:


Division Ages Contact Name Email


11, 12

Rob Gallo



9, 10

Patrick Sharkey


7, 8



4, 5, 6




For all other league questions, please contact League President Cy Hess at