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Instructional League 

Ages 7 and 8 (age as of 4/30/2023)

All 7 and 8 year olds will be assigned to the Instructional League. The Instructional League is machine pitch using regular baseballs.​

  • Focus is on having fun and teaching basic baseball fundamentals, rules, sportsmanship and teamwork.​

  • A pitching machine (coach operated) is used to provide a safer environment for hitters and pitchers.  We believe using pitching machines at this young age creates better experiences and development opportunities for the kids. With a pitching machine, there is minimal chance a batter will be hit, keeps “pitchers” at a safer distance, minimizes wear on young pitching arms, etc.  The pitching machine tends to move games along at a better pace as well, due to the consistency and accuracy of pitches. This format builds confidence in young hitters as there are no walks, fewer strikeouts, and more balls hit in play (more action for defense too!).​

  • Players will be assigned to teams utilizing school and friend requests.  Please note friend requests on registration.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but our goal is to balance the skill level on all teams as much as possible.

  • Players will have access to FREE preseason clinics held in our own indoor baseball center.

  • Time commitment consists of 1 practice per week in April. After the season starts in May, there will be 1 practice on weekdays and 2 games on weekends. All teams will finish the season with a year-end playoff tournament.

  • Players are introduced to real games and scorekeeping, but WHYBL allows for coaches to be on the field for real-time instruction during games.

  • Players will receive a game jersey and hat they can keep.

  • Coaches are Ripken Certified and trained on player safety.​

  • Six-inning games.  All kids must bat throughout the games (referred to as a continuous batting order) and play a minimum of 4 innings in the field.  There are 10 defensive players in this division.​

Only $100 for the 2022 season.