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Our Mission: to instill in the youth of West Hartford the principles of citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork by teaching the fundamentals of baseball.

In keeping with this philosophy, our Code of Conduct has been adopted to promote respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, good citizenship and responsibility among all our members. Players will learn these values by the examples they see from those around them.

WHYBL strongly encourages its members to:

• Applaud effort on the field, regardless of the score.

• Support the coaches who give of their time and resources.

• Be a positive role model who fosters respect of the coaches among the players.

• Understand that some umpires, coaches and players may be “in training” and while mistakes may occur, all participants are expected to treat each other with the respect their position within the game deserves.

• Teach players that they have a responsibility to learn and to try their best. Effort leads to achievement and respect.

If you have any questions, please see your team manager or division vice president.

A link to the full League Code can be found here.