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A skills competition will be held on Friday night, July 15th during the team banquet. There will be 3 individual events and 1 team event. Trophies will be awarded to the winner and runner-up in each of the individual events. Medals will be awarded to the winners and runner-ups in the team event.


Every player on each team MUST participate in at least one skills competition event.


  1. Road Runner:

Who: 4 players per team

Goal: To be the fastest runner to touch all 4 bases

Award: 1st and 2nd place Trophies


Rules: Players will be timed running around the bases. Players must touch all 4 bases. Fastest time wins.


  1. Golden Arm:

    Who: 3 or 4 players per team

    Goal: Score the most points by hitting a target at home plate

    Award: 1st and 2nd place Trophies


Rules: Each player will get 3 throws towards a target at home plate. 1 point for hitting the target on a bounce, 3 points for hitting the target on a fly, 5 points for hitting the bullseye.


  1. Around the Horn Relay:

Who: 6 players per team

Goal: Throw the ball around the horn in the shortest amount of time

Award: 1st and 2nd place Medals


Rules: Fastest time wins. Players must step on the base at their position. Disqualification for any base not touched. Overthrows may be retrieved by the player that the ball was intended for. Time begins when the ball leaves the Pitcher’s hand. Time ends when the Catcher touches home plate. Each team gets two back-to-back turns and keeps best time. Players may not switch positions between turns. Players must throw the baseball according to the below order:


  1. Pitcher throws ball to catcher

  2. Catcher throws to third baseman

  3. Third baseman throws to second baseman

  4. Second baseman throws to first baseman

  5. First baseman throws to catcher

  6. Catcher throws to first baseman

  7. First baseman throws to shortstop

  8. Shortstop throws to third baseman

  9. Third baseman throws to catcher


       4)  Home Run Derby:    

Who: 2 players per team

Goal: Score the most points

Award: 1st and 2nd place Trophies


Rules: Players will hit off a live pitcher and will attempt to score as many points as possible. 10 strikes per player in both the preliminary and final rounds; a strike is considered any pitch that is swung at by the batter. Players must provide their own pitcher and baseballs. An L-screen will be supplied. Top 4 players from the preliminary round will participate in the finals. If there is a tie in either round, a hit off will be played; 5 strikes for each player until tie is broken. Players must use Cal Ripken approved bat.