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The following is a brief outline of procedures and material we will be covering at the mandatory coaches/managers meeting at 12 pm on Friday, July 15th. 




Upon check in, each team shall surrender to the Tournament Director a set of documents consisting of:


  1. Proof of Accident & Liability Insurance Letter of Eligibility (properly signed off)

  2. Official Tournament Roster Form

  3. Letter of Eligibility (properly signed off)

  4. Consent for Treatment forms

  5. Team Photograph (This is in ADDITION TO the photo which must be submitted electronically to the Host as soon as you have won your State Tournament)

  6. Coaches Certification Forms (Coaches Education & Abuse Prevention Training for ALL Coaches)

These documents will be returned when your team has completed its run in the tournament. 


Contact Information:


You have received contact information for the Tournament Chairman (Rob Gallo) and Tournament Director (Mike Creane).


Changes to the Schedule:


The schedule will be played as written. Only the Tournament Director has authority to change the schedule. In case of inclement weather a decision will be made 2 hours prior to the start of the game based on field conditions and the forecast. If a decision can be made prior to that it will. All attempts will be made to get the games in as scheduled. Please be sure that your contact info is the best number to contact you during daytime hours. It is best to provide multiple contacts as backup. The Regional Commissioner is to be informed of schedule changes.


Official Line Up Cards:


The Host League will furnish Official Line Up Cards which will be used and must be completed with first and last names and numbers of players, first and last names of coaches, protest committee members and batboy if one is used. No nicknames are to be used ie: “Billy” is ok but “Billy the Beast” is not. Give the official scorekeeper a copy of your line up as soon as possible but at least 20 minutes before game time. Changes can be made until the line up card is given to the umpire. After the line up card has been submitted to the umpire all substitution rules are in effect.


Bat Boy (Girl):


The use of a “bat boy” is allowed but the bat boy must be in uniform, must be on a local league roster, and MUST wear a helmet at all times, regardless of the age of the bat boy.




Only properly uniformed personnel are allowed on the field and in the dugout. Team personnel consists of 1 manager, 3 coaches, & players (Maximum 15, Minimum 12) and optional Bat Boy. All uniforms must have a unique identifying number on the back of the uniform jersey and the proper Ripken emblem must be properly displayed on all uniformed participants. If a coaching pullover is worn it must have the team name and official Cal Ripken emblem/patch on the left arm. Any coach choosing to wear a coaching pullover must have his team uniform jersey underneath. During the game all managers/coaches must remain inside the dugout (unless coaching a base). If a team has a scorekeeper that scorekeeper must remain outside the playing area and outside the dugout. 


Official Scorekeeper and Official Pitch Counter:


For 9 Year Old and above: The Host will provide an official scorekeeper and an official pitch counter. The pitch counter will work with the official scorekeeper to ensure the accuracy of the pitch count. Each manager must sign off on the pitching after each game and he is also responsible to check his opposing team’s pitching eligibility before each game. All substitutions, both offensive and defensive, must be made to the official scorer before the substitute enters or re-enters the game.




Game balls have been supplied by the New England Region. Foul balls are expected to be returned to the umpire.


Umpire Fees:


Each team is responsible for the payment of 1 umpire per game. The cost for the 2022 9U Regionals is $65/umpire.  Prior to ground rules the team managers give the fee to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director is the only person who will pay the umpire.


Extra Hitter Option:


Extra Hitter option is allowed in Tournament play. You must declare your intent prior to the start of the game. If you chose the option, you MUST complete the game with the Extra Hitter.




ANYONE (Coach, manager, player, parent) warming up a pitcher MUST wear proper headgear. This includes both on and off the field - anywhere on Tournament Site property. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Warming up Pitchers:


The warming up of “relief” pitchers will take place in designated areas and the Headgear rules MUST be followed.




Any ward to be given out must be approved by the Tournament Director or his designee.




Jewelry shall not be worn! The only exception is a medical alert which must be taped to the body and does not “dangle.”


Pairings: The Tournament pairing and Home Team selections were previously selected and are noted on the schedule.


Home Team: The Home team will occupy the first base dugout.

Visiting Team: The Visiting team will occupy the third base dugout. 


Game Length:


All tournament games will be 6 innings in length, except when shortened by the mercy rule or extended by extra innings. In the case of inclement weather, the game will be suspended at the time of stoppage and resumed from the point it was stopped with play continuing to completion at the first available time.


Practice Fields & Practice Schedule: Arrangements must be made with the Host Chairman.


Protest Committee:


All teams will name a protest committee member. In the event that there are less than 3 Ripken Commissioners present a “protest committee” will be formed by the Tournament Director and the Protest Committee person from each team. This committee shall rule on the protest. All protests will be ruled on immediately. Judgment calls are not grounds for a protest. This committee will only rule on the rule and its application or interpretation and shall not make any judgments. Remember it is your right to have a committee hearing on the spot. There is no appeal of the protest committee ruling. The purpose of this is to get the rule correct.


Addressing the Umpire:


Only the manager may talk to an umpire and in a professional manner. Do not yell out to an umpire. Simply ask for time out and in a calm manner talk to the umpire. Remember we are on display for all to see, including the youngers who are playing.




Each manager may pitch any player on their roster provided that:


  1. No player may pitch more than Pitch Count Rules per Babe Ruth League Rule Book.

  2. All pitchers begin the tournament with a full allotment of pitches.

  3. A starting pitcher may reenter the game as a pitcher provided that s/he has not been removed by rule.

  4. There are no “Balks” in Ripken baseball (except 50’70’), however if an umpire thinks a player is having an advantage by balking or is habitually balking, the pitcher may, at the discretion of the umpire, be removed from pitching.

  5. All signs must come from the catcher and the pitcher must be on the mound.

  6. If an ineligible pitcher takes the mound and makes a warm up throw, but is removed before making a pitch to a batter, it shall not be considered a violation.

  7. Bases as site specific.

  8. There are no pitch restrictions in tournament play.


Mercy Rule:


For the 2022 season the 15 run mercy rule is in effect only through 2 ½ innings and if the Home team is ahead by 15 runs or more (see 2022 Official Babe Ruth Rule Book). The 10 run mercy rule is in effect for all tournament games, without exception, after 3 ½ complete and Home Team is ahead by 10 runs or more. After that equal times at bat.


Playing Time:


There is no mandatory playing time in Cal Ripken Tournament Baseball. This is not about a time limit, this refers to playing time for an individual player.




A starter may be removed and can reenter the game once. A substitute can never reenter the game (except in the case of an injury). The starter may only reenter the substitute that entered the game for that starter, or his substitute. If a team has no more legal substitutes and an injury or ejection occurs the opposing manager may choose which player may reenter.


*Note: A substitute may enter for a substitute.




When a starter re-enters the game he must occupy the same batting order position in the lineup that he was in originally.


Infield Fly Rule:


The infield fly rule is in effect for all games.


Base Runners:


  1. Base runners may not leave the base until the ball has reached the plate. In the case of an early leave, the base umpire will signal for all to see, and after the pitch/play, place the base runner(s) at the appropriate base(s).

  2. Turn on fair ground ball past first is permitted. The runner can turn either way, in fair territory or foul, to return to first base. His right to immunity is immediately forfeited upon any act that, in the umpire’s judgment indicates the batter/runner’s attempt to advance to second base.

  3. If a runner overruns first base after a fourth ball the rules make no distinction between a batter who has walked and any other batter/runner. Therefore, this runner has the same right to overrun first base as a runner who hit a fair ground ball.

  4. Sliding into a base - there are not restrictions on the type of slide that can be used ie: head first slides are allowed. 


Contact Rule:


If a runner attempting to reach a base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player, he shall be called out on the play and ejected from the game. The object of this is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose of crashing into a defensive player, rather than trying to reach base. Obviously, this is an umpire’s judgment call.




A player/coach/manager who is ejected may be suspended from the remainder of the tournament and may be suspended from advancing on to Regional or National Tournaments as well. There are extremely rare exceptions to this rule.


The manager is responsible for the behavior of his Coaches, players, staff and fans.




The New England Region Cal Ripken Baseball staff will make every attempt to prevent you from making a costly error, but ultimately, following the rules is the responsibility of the manager. If you are uncertain about a rule ask for clarification. 


Obviously, we cannot cover every situation here, but you can be assured we will follow the rules and help you to understand them to the best of our ability.


Please respect the Host Community. Pick up your dugout after each game. Good luck and enjoy your experience.