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West Hartford Youth Baseball League (WHYBL) is the longest-running (70 years) youth baseball league in town. The league's priority is to increase and sustain love for the game by emphasizing baseball and athletic skill development within an environment that embodies and celebrates sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun.

The baseball field at Wolcott Park has given generations of West Hartford kids the opportunity to play nighttime baseball under the lights. It is West Hartford’s ONLY baseball field with lights. It has been critical to the development of our kids as great baseball players and has cemented West Hartford’s status as a top-tier baseball town.

Now, however, Wolcott's baseball field lights are long past their expected lifespan.

The quality of light has greatly diminished, they are energy inefficient, pose increased safety risks, and grow more and more difficult to maintain each year. Soon, the system will stop working entirely. Without a new system, West Hartford will lose its sole venue to host nighttime baseball games which often brings both state and regional teams into our vibrant town as well.