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Minor League Division

Mostly 9 and 10 year olds (age as of 4/30/2023)

  • Focus is on more in-depth instruction on fundamentals and team play, while allowing for a little more competition.

  • This division offers a 46/60 (a pitcher's mound 46 feet from home plate, bases 60 feet apart) baseball diamond size format for younger and/or still developing players. Nine-year-olds are required to play in this division. As 46/60 is a smaller diamond, rules do not allow for leading off the base or pickoffs. This is the standard format for most youth baseball leagues around the country, particularly for kids 10 and under.

  • Consistent with other youth sports leagues in town, players remain on the same team until they graduate from the division - - as opposed to kids changing teams and coaches each year.  Although this is typically only two years on the same team, consistent feedback over the years from families is that this helps promote relationship building and teamwork concepts as players, coaches and families move through different experiences together.  

  • Six-inning games. All kids must bat throughout the games (continuous batting order) and play a minimum of 4 innings in the field.

  • Minor League teams will have 2 practices per week in April, and 1 practice and 2 or 3 games per week in May and June.  All teams will finish the season playing in a year-end playoff  tournament.

  • All players receive a jersey and hat they can keep.

  • Players will have access to FREE weekly offseason/preseason indoor clinics and practices held in our own indoor baseball center.

  • While most Minor League participants are 9 or 10 years old, Minors also consists of highly skilled 8 year olds and still-developing 11 year olds. All 9 and 10 year olds will be required to attend a skills assessment. For 9 year olds, the skills assessment will be used to help us balance the Minor League teams by skill/talent level, along with school and previous WHYBL team (where applicable). Friend requests are not accepted in this division.  For 10 year olds, the skills assessment will be used to determine whether their skills are better suited for the Majors or Minors.  Highly skilled 8 year olds can request to be evaluated for Minor League consideration.  No players under the age of "baseball 8" will be considered for Minors. 


Questions?  Please contact our Minor League Vice President,

Patrick Sharkey: