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Welcome Letter
by posted 06/25/2020

Good afternoon,
Welcome to WHYBL 2020 and to the Corpus Christi Hooks!  My name is Joe Schwartz - and along with Silas Warner and Lindsey Meehan - we will be your coaches/managers this season.  We know some of your children and look forward to meeting the rest of the team and having a great summer.  I know this e-mail is long, but please take some time to review it before the season begins.
I've attached 3 documents to this email: 1)  Babe Ruth (Ripken) Waiver; 2) Town of West Hartford Waiver; and 3) WHYBL 2020 Rules for Participation.  The 2 Waivers MUST be signed before our first practice.  Either sign them and pdf them back to me (or send me a picture) or bring them to the first practice.  Per the Commissioner: "No waivers? No practices. No games. No exceptions."
As always, WHYBL is prepared to provide us with summer baseball that is focused on fun and safety. But there's no avoiding it -- things will look a little different this year. As you will see, WHYBL has implemented numerous new safety precautions for the summer baseball season.  Please review the attached WHYBL 2020 Rules for Participation.  In particular, each player must have:
- face mask
- batting helmet
- baseball bat
- baseball glove
- baseball cap labeled with name of player
- water bottle labeled with name of player
- chair (recommended as benches/dugouts will be closed.
Before games are played (week of July 6), I'll send out some amended rules. A few things to expect:
  • No tag plays (force at every base) - your player tries to stretch a single into a double and the ball gets there first and is caught by 2B or SS = out.
  • Pitch counts (still working through the # of pitches/innings pitched). Major's division is starting with 2IP or 50 pitches. This is a major change from before when kids could throw 85 pitches. Safety is paramount, lots of arms having been playing video games and not throwing baseballs, we'll work through it. Lots of kids to try pitching!
  • Those are the two big rules changes, lots of kids are new to kid pitch and the Minors as we have a large number of players coming from Instructional, for them, it's not a major change. For the 10 year old who played Minors last year, it's more of a change. Sure the spontaneity and nuance of the game will be affected slightly - we'll make it work.
Please log into the WHYBL website to see our practice/game schedule (Corpus Christi Hooks - Minors).  We will have 2 practices next week - and then games will start the following week (usually 2 games per week).  Given the limited field time, it will be difficult to have additional practices during the season.  Thus, we may try to have 30 minute practices before games.  We understand that many families have summer commitments - so don't worry if you can't make all the practices/games, just give the coaches notice.
Our first practices are on Sunday (6/28) at 10:30 and Tuesday (6/30) at 5:30 - both at Eisenhour.  HOWEVER, we may be moving the Tuesday practice to Monday - I'll let everyone know ASAP.
If you have any questions, please contact Silas, Lindsey or me.  Thanks!

TownofWHParticipant Waiver (1).pdf
WHYBL 2020 Reopen RulesFinalCopy (1).pdf
BabeRuthWaiver (2).pdf

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