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WHYBL Summer League Champs- The Florida Gators

Congratulations to the Florida Gators on winning the 2019 Summer League Championship over Miami Hurricanes 15-5 Friday night 8/16 at Wolcott Park.

by posted 08/26/2019
12U Bulldogs- New England Regional Champions!

The 12U West Hartford Bulldogs have won the New England Regional Championship bringing their season record to 20-1. In addition to being 3x State Champ, they are the first 12U team in West Hartford to ever win a Regional Championship.

The next step for the Cal Ripken World Series being held at Ballparks of America in Branson, MO on 7/31.  29 teams from all over the world will be there to compete.  U.S. Pool Play will begin for West Hartford on 8/3. 

Click here for a full World Series schedule

Many of the games will be broadcast on Stadium - https://watchstadium.com/

For more information or to donate to help support the Bulldogs’ trip to Branson, please contact Liz Hanawalt

by posted 07/22/2019
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2019 Home Runs

Summer Travel

Mason Hebert (12U/70) - 13

Myles Fournier (12U/70) - 5

Chase Hanawalt (12U/70) - 3

Josh Shemanskis (12U/70) - 3

JJ Fagnant (12U/70) - 3

Tyler Redden (12U/70) - 3

Jaden Kass (12U/70) - 1

Ben Hall (12U/70) - 1

Jonah Balcerzak (12U/70) - 1

Simon Levy (12U/60) - 1

Paul Glotzer (12U/60) - 1

Leo Vanags (12U/60) - 1

Brayden Sohn (11U) - 1

Jeffery Niman (10U) - 1

Grant Davidson (10U) -1

Spring League

Mason Hebert (Venora) - 11

Tyler Redden (BBD) - 11

Brayden Sohn (Keating) - 2

Myles Fournier (Keating) - 2

Jonah Balcerzak (Keating) - 2

Josh Shemanskis (K of C) - 1

James Varellas (BBD) - 2

Oliver Levesque (ACP) - 1

Chase Hanawalt (Connors) - 1