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12U Bulldogs 3-peat as State Champs!

On Sunday 7/7, The WHYBL 12u Bulldogs defeated Brookfield for the second time in a week to bring home their 3rd Connecticut consecutive state championship! The culminating game was a resounding 11-1 victory helped by strong overall performances across the team, including a couple of early inning home runs.

This brings the Bulldogs travel season record to 15-0 leading into the New England Regional Championships beginning this Saturday in New Milford, CT. The Bulldogs will play Cranston, Rhode Island in Round 1.

We continue to wish this team much success in their journey through Regionals...with the winner earning a spot in the Cal Ripken World Series the week of August 4th in Branson, MO!

by posted 07/09/2019
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2019 Home Runs

Summer Travel

Mason Hebert (12U/70) - 13

Myles Fournier (12U/70) - 5

Chase Hanawalt (12U/70) - 3

Josh Shemanskis (12U/70) - 3

JJ Fagnant (12U/70) - 3

Tyler Redden (12U/70) - 3

Jaden Kass (12U/70) - 1

Ben Hall (12U/70) - 1

Jonah Balcerzak (12U/70) - 1

Simon Levy (12U/60) - 1

Paul Glotzer (12U/60) - 1

Leo Vanags (12U/60) - 1

Brayden Sohn (11U) - 1

Jeffery Niman (10U) - 1

Grant Davidson (10U) -1

Spring League

Mason Hebert (Venora) - 11

Tyler Redden (BBD) - 11

Brayden Sohn (Keating) - 2

Myles Fournier (Keating) - 2

Jonah Balcerzak (Keating) - 2

Josh Shemanskis (K of C) - 1

James Varellas (BBD) - 2

Oliver Levesque (ACP) - 1

Chase Hanawalt (Connors) - 1

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